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Online Science Labs To Inspire New STEM Leaders

Smart Science provides valuable STEM education resources to kids and educators in underserved communities.

There are 3.5 million STEM jobs in the US unfilled because we lack the science and tech graduates to fill those positions. We are not giving our young people the opportunity to experience science which will in turn get many of them to love science and eventually rise up from those challenging neighborhoods to become STEM leaders and improve their lives by a huge margin.

You have seen my passion for environmental issues, sustainability, and philanthropic areas of those most disadvantaged. I would like to introduce you to Edward Keller who similarly has endeavored for his entire professional life to improve the science education of young people in underserved neighborhoods where that is exactly what they need most, and the resources are almost always out of reach. After a brilliant four years studying astrophysics at Brown University, Edward founded Smart Science Education, bringing virtual science labs to schools who rarely have the means for students to get a quality science education.

The problem facing most science teachers is how to do high quality science lab experiences hands on with the cost, time limitations and space issues most schools have. Overcoming this problem took creating an online lab experience that feels like a real lab with true measuring from the real world via video. Smart Science is such an effective solution because it is accessible to anyone online in any language no matter the reading level of the user and instills a love of science. Smart Science teaches students to problem solve, think critically, and examine evidence-based solutions to challenges in every lesson - proven to be the best way to develop young people's minds for their adult life.

To improve the lives of students for decades to come, we decided to crowdfund the ability to change the lives of thousands of students in historically disadvantaged schools with your support.

Smart Science is the only real science labs online using a unique interactive video technology. Students follow the sciatic method to inquire into over 300 topics of all areas of science, including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and environmental science.

Does Smart Science deliver results?

Just look at the results from real-world trials:

- After using Smart Science for one year, al Brooklyn elementary school raised student test scores by 20%.

- After using Smart Science for three years, a middle school topped records for science proficiency.

- In a side-by-side comparison, High School kids who used Smart Science had double the pass rate in AP Biology when compared to students who took traditional biology labs.

Your donation makes all the difference.

Your donation to Smart Science changes lives for the students and changes the way our young people will see the world around them and examine the information they see every day. The funds raised cover the cost of the Smart Science Labs for inner city schools that lack the resources to provide kids with real science labs. Your donations cover the cost of the subscription, delivery of the labs, and professional development for teachers.

Want to learn more? You can watch a short video about Smart Science here.

You can make a tax-deductible donation that supports Smart Science below:

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