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The Military Impact of Renewable Energy Technologies

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The Last Kilometer was invited by MITRE Corporation's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee to present at their March 2018 Science and Technology Expert Partnership on the Global Implications and National Security Impacts of Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies.

The purpose of this unclassified technical exchange was to discuss the growth in global renewable energy usage and the potential global implications (both foreign and domestic) and national security impacts of this growth. Presentations from subject matter experts included talks on:

  • Global trends in renewable energy

  • Global trends in alternative transportation

  • Economic implications of increased renewable use

  • Environmental implications of increased renewable use

  • Geopolitical implications of increased renewable use

Representing The Last Kilometer, Jaron Rothkop presented 'The Military Impact of Renewable Energy Technologies'. This foresight presentation examined the long-term strategic and tactical implications of the adoption of renewable energy by the US and potential adversaries. The presentation covered the trends in renewable energy adoption by defense forces, contingencies that affect their adoption and growth, and the impact of renewable energy adoption by our own forces and our opponents on existing defense strategy and tactics.

MITRE is dedicated to solving problems for a safer world. We work in the public interest to discover new possibilities, create unexpected opportunities, and lead by pioneering together for the public good to bring innovative ideas into existence.

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